Monday, March 11, 2013

OPLN: Farewell Comandante Chávez

The Political Organization Los Necios sends to the Government of the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela, solidarity, militant and revolutionary salutation in this time of grief the do tue the death of our President Hugo Rafael Chavez Frías.

The infinite legacy of Comandante Chávez is the light that should guide the way of those who fight for the liberation of the people, is the path traced by the great men and women who give their lives for humanity.

An immense pain overwhelms us after the departure of El Comandante, we have become accustomed to having it in front, in front line of the battle field assuming everyone’s struggle, is just now that it corresponds to millions of leadership inspired by him, to continue his work of love and peace.

The Honduran people have a special appreciation for the solidarity shown by the Comandante Chavez in the most difficult moments in our recent history, when U.S. imperialism and the foreign oligarchy orchestrated the military coup of June 28, 2009, in same year that our constitutional president José Manuel Zelaya Rosales was exiled.

Meanwhile Comandante Chavez played a key role in ensuring the safe return of President Zelaya, contributing to the people´s right to participate in the democratic life of Honduras.

A flag of the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela and a photo of Comandante Chávez in each of the demonstrations of the National Popular Resistance Front and in each of the activities of its political wing Libre Party, are just samples of the spontaneous and sincere thanks that Hondurans show for having always tended a helping hand.

He died the father of the new socialist revolutions in Latin America, was born the hero of the new revolutionary generations.

Viva Chavez!

From Resistance to Socialism!

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